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Posted by cupofdirtfordinner - December 24th, 2022

ol' laptop conkled out, all old blender files are lost (not gone, i could recover them if i had one'a those nvme ssd usb things, idk anything about em but apparently that's the right gear) so I can't continue on any old things i wanted to for the time being, but hey like it's a fresh start and also ubuntu is real cool and i'm having a blast so all ain't lost. merry cridmas and a happy cridmas

Posted by cupofdirtfordinner - April 30th, 2022


Posted by cupofdirtfordinner - January 4th, 2022

i post all my finished stuff here but if you want updates and my thought process and progress reports and stuff then head to that other hellhole https://dirtsartdump.tumblr.com/

Posted by cupofdirtfordinner - December 6th, 2021

hey gamers, im dirt. This is just a post about who I am and the stuff I am doing/plan to do.

quick rant about my name: I created this account during that weeklong period like 2 years ago where i wanted "consume babby" to become a meme, but really i just looked like an edgy 12 year old. which, admittedly, I was. anyways, thats why my name is "DirtBabby" instead of "dirt" or "cupofdirtfordinner" or something more inline with my alias.

Anyways, I really like making art. Im learning blender (mainly geometry nodes/simulations/rigging and character animation at the moment), I am half decent at drawing (mostly practicing the basics of that for now, I likely wont post much standard 2D stuff for a while), and I am having fun with pixel art (I use aseprite bc its the easiest to use imo). instead of doing each of those separately, I want to try and combine mediums as much as I can because i think it looks cool when done right. I also have interests in game development and music production, but I still dont have a footing in those yet so I wont be doing much (if anything) in those fields for a while (aside from maybe some websites or something, because I already know basics in HTML bc its real easy to learn).

Basically my plan is to get the rough basics down on every form of art or expression that I can. This way, if I like doing anything, its much easier to continue it later down the line. Also, this way, if I randomly get an idea for anything, I will just be able to spend the rest of the day/week/month making it, and then, by the end, I will have a neat thing to show people. I often have stupid ideas pop into my head, and instead of writing them down and having them haunt me for a year, I would love to just be able to make the dumb idea and then show people the dumb idea and then be done with it.

If you want to look at the funny shit i come up with, check out my tumblr. Why tumblr? because I got permanently banned from twitter for saying the word "cunt" lmao https://cupofdirtfordinner.tumblr.com/

If you want to see the art that I make that I dont deem good enough for newgrounds/extra fun facts about the art that I make, check out my OTHER tumblr https://dirtsartdump.tumblr.com/

sorry for the shilling, just felt appropriate here.

im gonna go sit in a corner and look pretty. later gamers